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Zoho Business

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Zoho Business is a web office and team collaboration tool that is aimed at small and medium sized organizations.  It current is in beta, which does show, but it still has a wide variety of functionality available.  We are are just going to focus on document management, group support, scheduling, and knowledge management. 



  • Has web office environment
  • Document management features
  • Ability to edit documents in Zoho even when offline
  • Ability to create task lists



  • Cannot create new documents when in offline mode
  • Reminders only sent by email and on the homepage
  • Cannot put notes on tasks
  • No tool to manage links to external resources


In-Depth Review

For an in-depth review of Zoho Business and the features that it has to offer you can download the

 Zoho Writeup.


Resources and Additional Reading

Zoho Business

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