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  • Calendaring function very sleek
  • Able to add attachments
  • Ajax based collaboration tool that allows integration
  • Compatible with various desktop clients
  • Innovative webmail interface that supports multiple email clients
  • Works on any web browser
  • Available to integrate in company workflow via "zimlets"
  • Able to place phone calls via Skype by simply placing calls from contact
  • SMS text available via drag and drop approach
  • Flight tracker



  • Cost-Not very cost effective for budget constrained company
  • Licenses are sold in bundles of 25, making it very difficult for small groups
  • Used for enterprise communication; Useful for email and Instant messaging, but not really helpful in terms of a team portal
  • Geared more towards email and calendaring
  • Free version does not allow for same features as licensed version
  • Getting inital setup for product is a deterrent based on finding right product through website, possibly indicative of greater learning curve


Zimbra Desktop seems to be a good tool in terms of email communication, providing powerful email communication tools that support even real time synchronization with applications such as Outlook.  But, it would be better suited for an audio/text tool or even a calendaring tool than a team portal.  Given the pricing matrix, it would be probably medium(perhaps small depending on budget) for email and calendaring functionality,  It would not be able to replace a thousand user suite like Lotus, but serves as a great webmail application.  Finally, a sales rep recommended I look to other products such as Google docs because they don't have the functionality we are looking for in our affordances.



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