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WebEx Web Office

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  • Some document management features
  • Nice feature to organize links
  • Discussion forum features
  • Good calendar features with email reminders, reoccurances, and abilit to invite others
  • Good tasking features with the ability to assign tasks, provide details, and track progress.
  • The following are nice features, but do not map to any affordances:
    • Ability to have announcements on the homepage
    • Ability to create your own database or to start with one of theirs for CRM and defect tracking
    • Ability to create polls
    • Contact Manager



  • No web office environment
  • Does not Integrate with any other office environments
  • No way to view or edit the document without downloading it.
  • Has check out and check in features for documents, but no version control
  • User interface is not intuitive.


Because of its lack of a web office environment and poor document management this product does meet the basic affordances that are being requested. 



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