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Small to Medium Sized Company: Internal and External Clients

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          An additional scenario focuses on a small to medium sized company within the transportation industry that serves as a messenger service.  They seek a useful tool that would could serve as a team portal, but also enable communication between their internal staff and external clients.  The primary reason for the need is cost and need to free up human capital to allow them to multitask and be more productive.  So, examining some of their needs and reasoning is crucial, explained below.


            Internal usage will require access to editing documents such as proposals and contracts.  Most of its work is standard, but they do provide customization to tailor companies individuals needs.  Also, they participate in numerous projects to attract new customers so they research heavily and prepare documentation for project request.  So, the need for being able to edit documents is key to their success.  The tool must provide the ability to write meta comments and support annotations and comments by the readers.  In addition to these capabilities, it is important that individuals know who has the document open and is working on it.  In this fast paced environment, it is vital for no work duplication to be made.  It would also be utilized as an ability to accidentally delete documents and having it web based will help ensure that if a computer crashes, a backup will be on the website.  Also, version tracking would be helpful in the event people who want to track who made revisions to a section of the document.


            Given the fast paced environment, employees have become more involved in different activities.  In an attempt to combat the business, a tool that provides ticklers in regards to meetings or task deadlines would be useful to the team.   A basic project management tool would be necessary simply to let others know employees know descriptions of tasks or task status to stay afloat with the projects in general.  Also, it can help them free up people and assign someone to a certain task if one falls behind in a different area.  Since, some employees traveling to meet with clients on occasions, it would be useful if they could provide meeting management that allowed phone conference calls.  So, calendaring would be critical since it would give employees the ability to set something up with an agenda in place.


            The idea of discussion forums would provide great benefits to the company as well as its customers.  An internal and external forum should be utilized.  For example, an employee went to visit a client, who expressed concern over a particular issue.  The client could post their concern on a forum accessed by both the company and client.  Then, a staff member can resolve the issue; post it to the forum, which sends out notices to the rep and client for resolution details.  Now, this data could be transferred over to a secure forum accessed internally and will enable them to track issues in an efficient manner to prevent occurrences with other customers.]


Due to the culture of the company, it is important that the company constantly evolves and strives to serve its customers better.  Keeping this in mind, a repository is needed to share team knowledge.  Since most of its employees are out in the field, it would be useful if a central repository can be created for immediate results.  Book marking and comments would help access this information fast and avoid unnecessary contact with other team members, often causing delays in response time.  In addition to internal usage, a general repository for customers could also be useful in terms of providing general company information.


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