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MS Office Live

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  • Integrates in to Microsoft Office
  • Has document manager that version controls documents and makes managing your documents easy
  • Allow you to collect and organize links
  • Integrates with MS Outlook so that you can access your Outlook information through the site
  • Provides ducussion boards for your projects, shared calendar, links, and tasks.
  • Allows you to add users and set permission for what areas the user has access to.
  • Lets you view the complete document online
  • Works well in Firefox.  Popup box were missing, but could perform functions displayed in pop up boxes in other ways.
  • Aimed at small to medium sized organizations



  • Does not provide an online office environment.
  • Need to download the documents to edit them
  • Only integrates with MS Office products
  • Need to install an Office Connector
  • Not intended for large organizations


All in all Microsoft Office Live is simple SharePoint.


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