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Large Global Organization

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This company is well established and has many long term employees.

Besides the offices accross the US, it has offices in Europe and Asia.

The business is not IT related however they use IT to support most all of their business processes and manufacturing facilities. Therefore, the IT organization is well developed and diversified.

Due to the decentralized management, the IT staff across the company do not always follow the same standards and procedures. Therefore it is possible to implement new technology in one region without implementing it in another region. Some regions have IT organizations that are very strict, others have IT organizations that are more in touch with the staff's needs. Management is very hierarchical - sometimes forming departmental IT teams.

All office workers have access to computers and internal email. Manufacturing employees can access their email from one of the many kiosks in their facility however, they do not have access to the internet, however they do have access to the intranet.

There are various types of teams as well as various types of projects.

It is common for meetings to cross organizational silo's.

It is common for meetings to cross time zones.

Manufacturing employees are sometimes involved in virtual teams to resolve issues and give input for new processes.

Knowledge workers in different office often work on or build on other projects of other offices.

Telecomuting is not very common.

The whole company has standardized on Active Directories and uses Microsoft Exchange with Outlook for their email.


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