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Introductory Material

Page history last edited by Josh Westerlund 12 years, 1 month ago

Introductory material can go here..




Update Affordances:

Add Security



Easy of Configuration

Learning Curve





     Introduce Team [Maria]

     Define Team Portal and web offices [Maria]

     Link Wiki and affordances [Maria]

     [One Slide for each product]

     Slide for each product we evaluated

     Best Affordances of products

     Target Audience

     Two Screenshoots for each product

Review product that is being demoed

     Best Affordances

     Target Audience

Demo of product

     Document Management Features [have everyone try to edit a document]

     Task Management [assign task to class]

     Calendar Event

     Demo of whiteboard/knowledge management



Update Scenarios:

Update Homepage so that we can get to scenarios.

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