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Hyper Office

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In-Depth Review

Hyper Office allows for tailor-made intranets, extranets and customer portals, complete with dynamic collaboration tools. Users can engage in sharing and managing calendars, contacts, projects, and tasks. Some examples of its uses are customer portals, partner portals, management portals, employee portals...etc.  Each portal gives the intended user access to applications and information relevant to their work.


Group Scheduling

This is probably the highlight of Hyper Office. The Shared Calendar feature allows all team members to easily add an event or use the built-in monthly, weekly, daily views. Users can have more than on Calendar and they can choose to overlay all calendars in to one.


Discussion Groups

Ability to create multiple forums with several topics in each forum. As you type in the body of the message, it does spell check for you. It summarizes the number of posts/replies each topic has and timestamps them.



Ability to set up voting items and view results in a list or a bar graph (polling system).



Collaboration on critical documents online with tools like storage, version control, commenting, overwrite protection, and permission control. HyperDrive allows for easy drag and drop funcitonality to upload files into HyperOffice.


Action Item List

Shared Tasks list allows users to add, modify delete tasks and to manage tasks by making use of the built-in view such as views assigned by user, assigned to me, all tasks, complete or incomplete tasks. A user can email the whole group with the click of one button.



Offers security, integrity, data backup, and protection from spam and viruses.


Free Email Accounts

Each user receives 1GB of email storage


Storage Space

Storage space is limited and large businesses would have to purchase extra.


Overall, HyperOffice is a powerful suite of collaboration tools, but pricing, lack of storage space, and the potential need for special user training may prove to be roadblocks for smaller companies or teams.


Resources and Additional Reading

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