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Team portals and web office environments


Welcome to Team OWx2, Online Workspace Whizzes, wiki page.  Here you will find information about our ongoing group project on team portals and web office environments.




  • To prepare an online repository of information that other class members can make use of. This repository will be placed in a wiki.
  • To prepare an oral presentation of information to the class on an assigned date in May or June. This presentation will be about 45 minutes in duration with an assumed overflow of 15 minutes for question. The presentation will include as much as possible a multi-user demonstrations of software.


Team Collaboration Portal

     Zoho Projects - http://wox2.projects.zoho.com

Project Repository

     PB Wiki - http://owx2.pbwiki.com 

Presentation Slides

OWx2 Project Presentation Slides






Target Companies

Collaboration Affordances



Select Product

Execute Solution

Use Cases

Evaluation Criteria

Groupware Typology

Evaluate Against Criteria



Other Notes 

Introductory Material



Retired Pages


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