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Collaboration Affordances

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What capabilities does the tools have?

Green ones are from class notes. Section headings are from Class notes.





Huddle Central Desktop Collective X  SOSIUS  Hyper Office Web Office, Webex Zimbra Desktop MS Office Live  Contact Office
Document Sharing
Must Have

The ability to write meta comments about documents

X X  X   ??      Note really Doc mgt tool-More designed as emailing tool X  
The ability to track versions X X  X   Y       X  
The ability to know who has the live document   X  X   Y - Checkout       X  
Support for both text and slide show documents X X  X(upload)   Y       X  
Nice to Have                    
Integration with an editor X X (Zoho Editor)  X   Yes Zoho Editor       X  
Collaborative Editing
Must Have
Nice to Have
Supports Document revisions/history X X  X   if use ms word       X  
Supports Annotations/ Comments X X  X              
Recommended revision      X              
Comment about a particular point X    X              
Comment on Section as a whole      X              
Must Have
With tickler emails or notices X X  X   assignments but not events      X X  
Assignment Tracking X X  X    Yes       X  
With due date X X  X    Yes       X  
With assignment description   X  X    Yes       X  
Ability to task to multiple people X X      Yes       X  
Basic Assignment Status (Done or Not) X X  X    Yes       X  
Nice to Have
Ability to see other people's calendars.          No          
Ability to note functional dependencies X        ??          
Must Have
Must ID participants X X  X    Yes       X  
Discussions must be persistent (non-volatile) X X  X    Yes       X  
Team presence
With multiple threads/discussions available (but recommend using few) X X  X    Yes       X  
Nice to Have
Personalized profile page (considering a small group) X X      Yes          
Knowledge Repository
Must Have
Ability to comment on bookmarks and information X X  X    Wiki       X  
Ability to document team knowledge   X      wiki       X  
Nice to Have
Abiliity to create team bookmarks X        Yes - kinda klunky       X  
Ability to tag bookmarks and information X        Every    th   X  
Ability to rate bookmarks and information          no       X  
Username Management
Must Have
Ability to add and remove users X X  X   Group owner can add users to groups       X  
Nice to have
Mass Import Tool                    
Hosting (external - internal)         external          
Configuration complexity                    
Standard Templates for quick start                    
Learning Curve (intuitive, some training, more training)          not intuitive - training would be required to get moving as fast as possible.          
* Baby Boomers (dob < 1964)          hard          
* Gen X (dob <1982)          medium          
* Gen Y (dob > 1982)          medium          
 Integration with API    Yes     Yes           


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