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Central Desktop

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  • Flexible plan options with 30-day free trial
  • Cost effective
  • Great for small/mid-size companies
  • Customizable for teams
  • Ease of deleting team member access if  member leaves company
  • Lots of online help/tutorials including bi-weekly webinars
  • Web meeting tools/Phone conferencing available
  • Recent Funding to support future endeavors
  • Great leadership that promotes innovation
  • Document management capabilities that allows multiple users to work on spreadsheet and make changes in real time
  • Discussion forum email compatible to provide hassle free responses
  • Project management tools avail that assigns tasks to colors and provides ticklers
  • Ajax interface to allow rapid development and flexibility
  • Ability to incorporate logo onto company
  • Security package available in upgrade
  • Ability to import/export data and able to perform backups



  • Can they compete financially with the big companies such as Google, Microsoft
  • Security-Is it enough
  • Very small company
  • Unable to put on company servers-Since it is a web based software service, it is not a program to put onto servers


In-Depth Review 

Calendaring tool is easy to use and provides a great "look and feel" display.  Option to arrange web/conference call when scheduling.  Flexible and ability to add to Outlook Calendar with ease.  Free text features include text editor that you can post comments to before and after meeting.  Inviting new members is hassle free with flexible options. Flexible plans that include pay as you go.


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